Other Projects

We often take detours from our main series format to explore other topics: big news items, interviews with scientists, movies, speculative evolution, and more!

…But We Digress

Sometimes there are topics that aren’t quite right for a full episode, but we want to talk about them anyway!

…But We Digress – Ornithoscelida. A recent paper suggested a major rearrangement of the dinosaur family tree. Just how big a deal is it?
…But We Digress – Tyrannosaur Skin and Feathers. A recent paper examined several bare patches of tyrannosaur skin. Does this really mean no fuzzy tyrannosaurs?
…But We Digress – The History of the Earth. Take a trip with us through Earth history, one million years per second!
…But We Digress – Mermaids. After Episode 39, we had a go at the speculative evolution of mermaids! This discussion inspired the format for Spook-E (below).
…But We Digress – Pokémon Paleontology. Let’s explore that places where Pokémon meets Paleontology.

You can also find the full …But We Digress playlist on YouTube.

Silver Screen Science

We love movies! In this series, we’re not nit-picking (mostly), but instead exploring the intersection of science and pop culture: how do movies portray science?

Jurassic Park June (June 2018). Leading up to the release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, we went through each film in the franchise, discussing how they brought ancient creatures, science, and scientists to the big screen.
Silver Screen Science – Jurassic Park (1/5)
Silver Screen Science – The Lost World: Jurassic Park (2/5)
Silver Screen Science – Jurassic Park III (3/5)
Silver Screen Science – Jurassic World (4/5)
Silver Screen Science – Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (5/5)

The Meg (2018). We had to talk about The Meg (2018), which claimed to bring the extinct megalodon back to life on screen!
Silver Screen Science – The Meg

KaiJune (June 2019). Leading up to the release of Godzilla: King of the Monsters, we talked about the science of cinema’s most famous giant monsters: King Kong and Godzilla.
Silver Screen Science – King Kong (1933)
Silver Screen Science – Gojira (1954)
Silver Screen Science – Kaiju Concepts
Silver Screen Science – King Kong (2005) and Kong: Skull Island (2017)
Silver Screen Science – Godzilla (2014) and Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)

2020. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has us and many of our listeners spending lots of time at home, we’ve been using that time to watch movies, create more content, and give our listeners some more podcast to pass the time.
Silver Screen Science – Tremors
Silver Screen Science – Evolution (2001)
Silver Screen Science – Godzilla (1998)
Silver Screen Science – Animals of the James Bond franchise

Godzilla vs. Kong (2021). After all the fun of KaiJune in 2019, we couldn’t pass this one up!
Silver Screen Science – Godzilla vs Kong (2021)

Crocs and Snakes (2021). By popular demand, a double feature centering on our favorite reptiles.
Silver Screen Science – Lake Placid (1999)
Silver Screen Science – Anaconda (1997) … coming soon

You can also find the full Silver Screen Science playlist on YouTube.

Spookulative Evolution (Spook-E)

Inspired by a Patron suggestion, we spend October discussing the speculative evolution of monsters!

October 2018: Classic movie monsters
Spook-E – Vampires
Spook-E – Werewolves
Spook-E – Fish People
Spook-E – Zombies

October 2019: Monsters of Greek myth
Spook-E – Harpies
Spook-E – Gorgons
Spook-E – Hydras
Spook-E – Chimeras

October 2020: Sea monsters
Spook-E – the Kraken
Spook-E – Sea Serpents
Spook-E – the Leviathan
Spook-E – the Sirens

October 2021: Plant Monsters
Spook-E – People-eating Plants
Spook-E – Animated Trees
Spook-E – Mandrakes
Spook-E – Triffids

October 2022: Monsters of Dungeons & Dragons
Spook-E – Owlbears
Spook-E – Displacer Beasts
Spook-E – Beholders
Spook-E – Mimics

You can also find the full Spook-E playlist on YouTube.

End-of-the-Year Q&As

We wrap up each year by answering questions from our audience!

End of the Year Q&A 2018 A listener Q&A to round off 2018!
End of the Year Q&A 2019 Another (longer) Q&A for a new decade!
End of the Year Q&A 2020 We had to set a time limit for this one!


In our Spotlight series, instead of focusing on paleontological topics, we interview paleontological people!

Spotlight 2018. Theme: invertebrate paleontology
Spotlight – Dave Marshall (1/5)
Spotlight – Adriane Lam (2/5)
Spotlight – Alycia Stigall (3/5)
Spotlight – Chris Mah (4/5)
Spotlight – Ranjeev Epa (5/5)

You can also find the full Spotlight playlist on YouTube.

Live Chat

Live Q&As with our expert friends!

Sloth Chat Livestream 2018 After Episode 24, we gathered a couple of sloth experts for a live chat on YouTube! Here’s the audio.

Live Chats 2020
Ancient DNA w/ Dr. Leigha Lynch
Turtles w/ Dr. Steven Jasinski
Paleopathology w/ Laura Emmert
Conservation Paleontology w/ Dr. Rachel Short and Dr. Jeff Martin

You can also watch our Live Chats on YouTube.


Survey Response and Q&A. In 2018, we put out a survey for our listeners. This is a brief recap of what we learned, followed by answers to fan questions!
Crocs vs Snakes: the Poll Returns. From 2018, the second round of our infamous poll. Here, we each try to convince our listeners to make the right choice.
SciFest in St. Louis. We were invited to SciFest 2018! In this audio, you’ll hear us talk about the experience and interview several dinosaur paleontologists!
Sloth Chat Livestream 2018. After Episode 24, we gathered a couple of sloth experts for a live chat on YouTube! Here’s the audio.
Patron Mini-Episode Compilation. A collection of short episodes recorded for our high-level Patrons.
100 Episodes: A Look Back. A nostalgic discussion about how far the podcast has come and where we’re headed.

Guest appearances

Sometimes we get to appear on other podcasts!
Science…sort of, Episode 287: Descent Into Madness
The Cruise Geeks, Episode 26: Geekettes and Sharks
The Science of Pokémon: The Lost World of Cretaceous Park Birthday Episode
A Touch of Gray, Episode 64: The Common Descent Crossover Event
The Science of Pokémon: History of Galar
Ask a Scientist – David and Will from the Common Descent Podcast – Paleontology
PaleoPokes Finale feat. The Common Descent Podcast || Pallet U
The Science of Pokémon: The Land Before Explorers of Time
I Wish You Were Dead, Ep 52. How to Become a Paleontologist
Third Pod From the Sun: Dinosaurs, a big rock, and…climate change?