SciFest in St. Louis

Will and David took a trip to St. Louis for SciFest: Rock, Fossil, Quake on September 22nd!

You can listen to us discuss the event and to our interviews with paleontologists on PodBean Spotify, YouTube, and other podcast places.

The paleontologists we spoke with were:
Dr. Ashley Morhardt, Washington University
Dr. Andy Farke, Raymond Alf Museum
Dr. Denver Fowler, Badlands Dinosaur Museum
Dr. Casey Holliday, University of Missouri
Dr. Liz Freedman Fowler, Dickinson State University
Josh Matthews, Burpee Museum

And now, some photos from the event!

Dr. Liz Freedman Fowler (left) spent the day at this table full o’ hadrosaurs! Dr. Ashley Morhardt (right) is standing in front of a Triceratops braincase and holding a mold of the inside structure!
Dr. Denver Fowler (top) and Dr. Andy Farke (bottom) had tables covered in even more Triceratops: horns, skulls, bits of frill – some with bite marks on them!
Here’s Will admiring croc specimens with Casey Holliday (left) and the Burpee Museum folks, Josh Matthews (right, in blue) and Dan Large (right, in white).
Earthquake tables! One of them was handing out “Quake Sand” – sand that was pushed up in earthquake-caused geysers in the Madrid zone.

Also, check out this fun liquefaction demonstration (Video in Tweet)!

The day ended with a panel of paleontologists, talking about their research and answering questions from the audience. Left to right: Morhardt, Fowler, Farke, Freedman Fowler, Matthews, Holliday.

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